Accuracy Checking Pharmacy Technician Programme 2014 version

The South West Accuracy Checking Pharmacy Technician Scheme is a regional accreditation offered by all hospital Trusts in the South West region to enable pharmacy technicians to carry out the final check on dispensed items. The standards of the Nationally Agreed Framework for Checking Dispensed Items have been adopted and the accreditation gained is recognised by all NHS regions in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Entry Criteria for pharmacy technicians:

  • Registration with the General Pharmaceutical Council:
  • At least ONE year relevant post qualification experience
  • Demonstrated qualities and attitudes that are necessary to perform this role, i.e. accuracy/good communication skills
  • 6 months dispensing experience in current dispensary within the past 12 months prior to commencing the training programme
  • Certificate of completion of South West Dispensing Accuracy Assessment
  • Nomination from their appropriate Senior Pharmacy Manager (or designated other) who confirms that the applicant is a suitable person for the role
  • There is an assigned a suitable Educational Supervisor/mentor

The programme consists of a one day training course followed by in-house evidence collection and activities to develop of the candidates in their checking role.

The new manual reflects the adoption of the Nationally Agreed Framework for Checking Dispensed Items standards, and gives further details about the structure and contents of the course. Copies can be downloaded from this site, or are available from the Pharmacy Training Office

N.B. All candidates achieving this accreditation will automatically be awarded the National Pharmacy Technician Checking Award when it is available.

Southampton ACPT Induction


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