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5. Read and understand the Standard Operating Procedures in your department for dispensing and accuracy checking processes.

It is essential that policies and procedures are in place for this role, to ensure that the trainees involved have clear guidelines regarding:

  • role and duties to be performed
  • professional and local boundaries
  • local practice requirements

Initially the Dispensary Manager and Educational Supervisor should identify all the procedures relevant to the trainee.

It is important that there is evidence provided to show that the trainee understands the relevant policies and procedures.

The trainee must demonstrate their understanding to the Educational Supervisor prior to attendance at induction.

In order to do this the trainee must:

  • Collect and read all relevant procedures


  • Provide written answers to a minimum of three questions for each procedure, demonstrating that they know how to interpret and apply local policies and procedures to different scenarios. (A copy of the questions asked and the answers must be included in the e-portfolio)

If the trainee fails to answer any of the questions correctly or satisfactorily, the Educational Supervisor should provide feedback on why the answers are insufficient or incorrect and should return the answers for correction.