ACPT Programme 2018: Pre-course Activities

Underpinning knowledge and course preparation


Core (for all trainees commencing the Programme)

Please note: If you have completed any of the following in the last 2 years you may re-use your evidence for this programme. You may want to re-read the content to refresh you understanding before uploading it to your e-portfolio.

Guidance on how to complete a planned learning form and peer discussion form can be found on the GPhC website here.


Defining your scope of practice, Learning Agreement, Dispensing Accuracy Assessment


1. Ensure your final accuracy checking role is reflected in your job description & upload this along with the person specification to your e-portfolio.

2.Read & complete the Learning Agreement - upload this to your  e-portfolio.

3. SW Dispensing Accuracy Assessment - upload your certificate to your e-portfolio South West Dispensing Accuracy Assessment.

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Reading and self-directed learning

4. Read the GPhC 'Standards for pharmacy professionalsand complete and upload a GPhC Planned Learning Form to your e-portfolio (you may also wish to submit this entry as one of your CPD records for revalidation).

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5. Read and understand the Standard Operating Procedures in your department for dispensing and accuracy checking processes - Provide written answers to a minimum of three questions for each procedure. Upload the questions and answers to your e-portfolio.

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6. Read the Royal Pharmaceutical Society ‘Professional standards for the reporting, learning, sharing, taking action and review of incidents’ publication - complete and upload a GPhC Planned Learning Form to your e-portfolio (you may also wish to submit this entry as one of your  CPD records for revalidation).

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7. Complete a Professional Discussion with an accredited checking pharmacy technician or pharmacist about their approach to checking, including how they developed their checking process.

Reflect on what you have learned from this discussion. How might this help you develop your own practice as an ACPT? Complete a peer discussion form and upload it to your e-portfolio.

Please note: You may wish to use the above as your peer discussion for your GPhC re-validation. If so please follow the guidance below issued by the GPhC:

Peer discussion - guidance for pharmacy professionals

Professional discussion - guidance for peers

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8. Error identification and analysis

Identify your medicines safety officer in your Trust or organisation. Discuss with them the different methods of Root Cause Analysis (RCA) used to investigate errors.

Complete a RCA for an error you were involved with or a recent error that was recorded in your department.

Upload your RCA including any learning or change in practice that was identified as part of the RCA to your e-portfolio.

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E-learning and online activities 9. Complete and pass the CPPE – Dispensary based calculations for pharmacy technicians training package - upload the assessment results page to your e-portfolio.

Dispensary-based calculations for pharmacy technicians - e-assessment


10. CPPE learning package – ‘Professionalism and professional judgement for pharmacy technicians - complete and upload a GPhC Planned Learning Form  to your e-portfolio (you may also wish to submit this entry as one of your CPD records for revalidation).

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Learning plan

11. Meet with your educational supervisor and your dispensary manager; together complete your learning plan. Use ACPT Learning Plan to guide and record your discussion and planning. 

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