Dispensing Accuracy Assessment

SWMIT have designed the South West Dispensing Accuracy Assessment in line with the standards set for the National Framework for pharmacy technicians undertaking the Final Accuracy Checking of dispensed items. This assessment is an entry requirement for the Final Accuracy Checking Pharmacy Technician Schemes, to provide evidence that individuals can dispense accurately before moving into a checking role.

Feedback from Dispensary Managers and those involved in the development of the South West Accuracy Checking Pharmacy Technician Scheme suggested that a formalised process to assess the dispensing accuracy of all staff would be useful.

All trusts within the South West Region recognise this scheme and it is now commonly used in the training and assessment of pharmacy assistants, pre-registration trainee pharmacists and pre-registration trainee pharmacy technicians, as well as for individuals embarking on the regional checking scheme.

Dispensary Managers should only issue SWMIT approved certificates of achievement from this site as confirmation that candidates have completed the most up to date version (version 7, Dec 13) SWMIT dispensing accuracy assessment. The certificate cannot be issued for any locally adapted, in-house variations.