Pre and In-Process Checking within Aseptic Services

Press Release 

February 2019 - Changes to delivery of SWMIT accreditation programmes


The South West Accreditation for Pre and In-Process checking within Aseptic Services is a regional accreditation offered by all hospital trusts in the South West region for pre and in process checking of aseptically prepared items.

The Accuracy Assessment for Aseptic Preparation in non-licensed units, pre and in process checking includes:

  • Practice activity and portfolio building
  • Regular appraisals
  • Certificate of achievement of accreditation

The programme consists of a one day training course followed by in-house evidence collection and activities to develop of the candidates in their checking role. 

The assessment deals only with the pre process and in process checks within technical services. It is intended to be flexible, allowing trusts to implement it locally. Local standard operating procedures should be in place and GMP/QA systems should be adhered to at all times.

PIPC Local Assessment Pack Application

For further information contact: or tel: 0117 3423542