Product Approval Accreditation Programme

The South West Product Approval Accreditation Programme is a regional scheme that has been developed to deliver a functional and high-quality training and assessment programme for individuals who carry out the task of “product approval” for aseptic products, prepared within hospital pharmacies under section 10 exemption from the Medicines Act 1968.

The programme addresses the training requirements of both pharmacists and suitably trained and experienced, registered pharmacy technicians. As a result, the accreditation must be applied alongside an operating framework that ensures that pharmacist supervision and other governance and safety requirements are fulfilled.


The South West Product Approval Accreditation Programme was launched in January 2013.

The Product Approval Accreditation Programme consists of:

  • Site approval by regional QA Officer (necessary for pharmacy technician applicants only)
  • Candidate pre-course assessment 
    • Local viva voce carried out by the Accountable Pharmacist
    • Self-assessment
    • Written assessment of knowledge
    • Completion of pre-course workbook
  • Online induction (full day)
  • Period of work based evidence collection and portfolio build
  • Candidate post course summative assessment 
    • Summative practical assessment
    • External regional panel viva voce 
    • Self-assessment 
    • Written assessment of knowledge

The course will run twice a year and is open to applications from within and outside the South West.

For further information, please contact: Jen Gilliam, Programme Director,    tel: 0117 342 6677.