Information Resource Update

In April 2014, members of the SW CPM and MI teams met to discuss how to ensure that members of the pharmacy team answering medicines related enquiries did so using reliable and correctly used resources. This discussion came about because of the feedback from the GPhC Registrants survey 2013 (pdf) which indicated that the three main duties of pharmacists were:

  • providing advice and information to health professionals (77%)
  • providing advice and information to patients and carers (57%)
  • any other clinical work (41%)

Whilst for pharmacy technicians, the three main duties were:

  • supplying medicines and medical devices (65%)
  • providing advice and information to patients and carers (42%)
  • routine tasks to manage pharmacy environment (32%)

Given that the provision of information and advice is such a fundamental role for hospital pharmacy staff, it seems reasonable to ensure that these roles are delivered in an effective, safe and efficient manner. In a fast-developing environment it is difficult to keep on top of the best way to access information.

This led to the SW CPMs and MIPs collaborating to develop a short update on key information sources resource for use by any member of the pharmacy team. Thanks go to Alison Hodgetts and Kevin Gibbs from the CPM group and Rachel Llewellyn and Tiffany Barrett from the MIPs group for leading on this work. Thank you for all the helpful comments and feedback from both CPM and MIP groups.

Update on information resources pdf V1.7 November 2020
We aim to update this PDF 6-monthly.