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A guideline of questions for different types of medicines information enquiries is available. 

  • Please supply your contact details:
    • Full name
    • Place of work
    • Telephone number / e-mail address
  • Is the enquiry patient or practice related?
  • If your enquiry is patient-related, please supply:
    • Patient details i.e. current treatment, diagnosis, any other relevant medical conditions and history
    • Prescriber's details:
      - Who initiated treatment,
      - Is there a shared-care protocol in place?
  • For enquiries relating to the safe management of products requiring refrigerator storage which have been stored above or below recommended temperatures, please complete the Medicines Information Fridge Enquiry Form available here and email it to us.
  • Tell us how soon you want the information:
    If a literature search is involved, please allow at least a week for us to find and obtain the references and to evaluate the information.
  • Check basic sources:
  • If you are emailing us please put 'MI enquiry' in the subject box.


Why use the Medicines Information Service?

  • Promotion of the safer, more effective and economical use of medicines.
  • Improvement of advisory role in relation to prescribing and patient counselling.
  • Help to optimise drug use in relation to patient care.
  • Enhancement of advice to other healthcare professionals and patients.
  • Assistance with decision-making about funding issues, budgetary planning and prescribing guidelines.

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Medicines Information Team